Create a Stylish & Sophisticated Wine Tasting Event with Us

Dedicated to creating unique wine tasting experiences we aim to dispel some of the snobbery associated with the consumption of fine wine and encourage you to join us in our exploration of great wines from around the world.

Our wine experts create individually curated wine tasting events designed to entertain and educate. Wines are carefully chosen to present a coherent route through the chosen topic.

At regular intervals we also host fine wine tasting events in unique London locations. Our events provide a friendly social environment where you can appreciate fine wines in the company of likeminded people.


Bernice’s passion for wine was ignited many years ago when on holidays to France she started to explore the wine trails in each region. Since then, trips have taken her further afield to the vineyards of the USA, South America, New Zealand and throughout Europe. Bernice is currently studying for the WSET diploma in Wine and Spirits.

“As founder of Harvington Dean, I’m eager to share my love of wine, the differences that grape varietal, location and climate play on the finished product, as well as the skill of the winemaker “


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